Lindsey Neverisky
April 27, 2003
Sociology 250.04
Introduction to Social Research
Roland Werner



Poverty Stricken Children in Thailand
Being Forced into Prostitution

Lindsey Neverisky
San Diego State University



Keyword List:
child prostitution, children in Thailand, poverty in Thailand, Thai brothels, sex tourism

It is no longer a secret that there are children working as prostitutes in the brothels in Thailand, however it is still a problem. The poverty that ails Thailand has reached such extremes that parents are selling their own children into the business and others are going willingly simply to avoid starvation. There is an ongoing debate over whether or not the government in Thailand is ignoring the issue or not. The truth is that prostitution brings in a lot of money for the country, money that they are desperately in need of. The children have become victims in the situation because of the HIV and AIDS crisis. Clients of the prostitutes are creating a demand for younger and younger children in an effort to avoid potential prostitutes that may have contracted the disease previously. This paper will also research what is being done to stop the sale of children, such as educating them about the dangers of prostitution.

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