Marie E. Munna
December 1, 2003
Sociology 250.04
Introduction to Social Research
Dr. Werner



Social Antecedents to Adolescent Gang Membership

Marie E. Munna
San Diego State University



Keyword List
adolescent gang membership, risk factors in gang membership, youth gangs in America, precursors to gang membership, predictors to gang membership

Identifying and addressing social antecedents to adolescent gang membership is important to gain understanding and awareness in order to develop prevention and intervention methods. In order for these methods to succeed there is a need to address a range of risk factors outlined by a social system's internal and external elements in relation to the boundary of male youth 12-25 years old. Through the State/Process Dynamic Model of male youth 12-25 years old becoming gang members, the social constructs become processes that may explain why adolescents have a proclivity to gang membership. Through the internal and external processes: individual, family, school, peers, and neighborhood and community; an adolescent's delinquency and subsequent gang membership stems from a combination of these factors that varies from child-to-child. No single risk factor is sufficient to explain why some youth become chronic delinquents that lead to gang membership. Research and study of gang phenomenon is vital in order to develop and implement prevention strategies so an adolescent's life can pay significant dividends by reducing crime rates and decreasing crime-related expenditures of tax dollars, especially when it can aid youth to avoid the consequence of gang life and increase their chances of leading law-abiding and productive lives.

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