Emily Maguire
April 28, 2003
Soc. 250.02
Social Research
Roland Werner



Factors Influencing College Students Hooking Up

Emily Maguire
San Diego State University



Keywords: college students, hooking up, casual sex, sexual behavior

Abstract: Hooking up is becoming common practice aground college campuses these days. Many college students are putting aside the emotional grad physical harm that cone with hooking up to fill a sexual need. Making students aware of the damage they are causing themselves and others is an important social issue to be addressed. In order to address this, an understanding of who has the greatest chances of hooking up is important to narrow the at risk target group. In doing research it has been found that students that were raised by divorced or single parent families, lived in low income and/or high risk neighborhoods, felt strong peer pressure to engage in sexual activity and/or underage drinking, felt influenced by society's views/expectations and/or had a strong desire to earn a favorable status, run a substantially greater chance of hooking up.

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