Nathan Geronimo
April 25, 2004
Sociology 250.03
Introduction to Social Research
Dr. Werner



The Social Consequences and Causes of Anxiety
and Mental Disorders among Young Adults

Nathan Geronimo
San Diego State University



Key Words: sociology, labeling theory, deviant behavior as mental illness, employment and mental disorders, social factors, anxiety

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to study the social forces which may lead to mental disorder, as well as how those who suffer from anxiety, mental problems, and the impact of such labels are affected in their ability to maintain normal social interaction and professional achievement. This study presents possible causal relationship theories pertaining to negative social environment, development, and mental disorder. Research suggests that mental problems can arise, and self-esteem and perceptions of others and society can be affected due to isolation, poverty, or hostile living environments over time. This analysis also establishes a correlation between anxiety/ mental disorders and an inability to maintain normal social interaction, resulting in negative consequences and failures. The research also explores the effects of negative social perceptions of mental disorder labels on the personal and professional lives of those labeled mentally deviant. Research shows high levels of unemployment among those identified as mentally ill. This study concludes that the relationship between poverty/ low socioeconomic status and mental problems is probable. It also concludes that contributing debilitating factors of mental disorders, as well as negative attitudes and perceptions concerning mental disorders results in the inability of the mentally deviant to assimilate into society and achieve in their professional and personal lives.

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