Liz Dowding
April 26, 2004
Sociology 250.02
Intro to Social Research
Mr. Werner



Elder Abuse and Neglect in an Institutional Setting

Liz Dowding
San Diego State University



Key Words: elder abuse, elder neglect, assisted living, nursing home, convalescent

Abstract: The purpose of my research is to study abuse and neglect of elders in an institutional setting to determine its causes. The focus of this study will be the elderly residents of these communities, who are either partially or entirely dependent upon others for care, and the staff members who care for them This research was conducted through the use of the Internet and scholarly journals, and explores the various social causes of elder abuse within the institution. I have concluded that there are various social processes that lead to elder abuse and neglect in institutions, and these factors are sometimes related to the elderly residents, sometimes related to the staff members, and sometimes are external to the institution. The social causes of elder abuse discovered through my research are inadequate caregiver training, cognitive impairment in the elderly residents, lack of regulation and punishment of elder abuse, and finally, the fact that it is underreported.

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