Daniel Anderson
12/01 /2003
Sociology 250.02
Introduction to Social Research
Mr. Werner



Alcohol Abuse and Dependence Among College Students

Daniel Anderson
San Diego State University



Keywords: college and alcohol abuse, alcohol abuse and dependence among college students, binge drinking in college

Abstract: Alcohol abuse and dependence among college students has become a serious social issue. Explained are the reasons why college students abuse alcohol, and also some reasons for them to seek treatment. The social system boundary is defined by college students ages 18-24. The eight factors that lead to abuse and dependence are: peer pressure, social cohesion, fear to fit in, low self-esteem, personal goals, access to alcohol, guidance problems, and the "party gene". Six problems associated with abuse and dependence are: extreme sexual behavior, life goals, realization, struggling grades, work problems, and health problems. In conclusion, there are steps toward reducing alcohol abuse and dependence among college students, but some students believe it to be "American Culture" rather than other social forces.

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