Bibliography of Select Dissertation Abstracts, 1950 - 2001


Often professional bibliographies overlook Dissertation Abstracts. Recall that these dissertations are often written at the peak of an individuals intellectual development. Some of these authors remain "one-shot" wonders and others only publish in foreign journals. In both cases, the professional contributions of these people are lost or forgotten. This collection tries to make some of these excellent works available.

Our own research interests lie in three specific areas and it is some of these dissertation abstracts that we are presenting here.

We take full responsibility for any errors and/or omissions. Selection into each bibliography is strictly based on our personal research interest. Many duplicating empirical studies (numbering in the hundreds) on very narrow topics were discarded for the more general theoretical modeling pieces. Your own keyword search can locate these! A minimum amout of editing was done to expedite the result of this collection process.

For the earlier works, prior to 1979, dissertation abstracts were not available on the Internet. For these, we listed the reference to the abstracts available in the bound volumes at your research library. If your favorite dissertation is not represented in this collection, we would like to hear from you; . We will review your submission and if it within our interest we will add it.

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